Helia Net Zero is focused on supporting you to reduce your carbon footprint. Because even though one person on their own might not make a huge difference, all the small changes can add up to make a really big difference!

We offer individualised advice to households and homeowners about reducing carbon emissions. Helping households to make achievable and impactful differences to reduce greenhouse gases and minimise climate change. We can also help you save money! So if you're suffering this winter because of the fuel crisis, get in touch. We can help you to put in place measures that will help you save money in the short term as well as having longer term benefits. Learn more.

Helen Buttrick

Helen is a skilled physicist and environmental activist, her home and lifestyle is a testament to the values of sustainability and she brings these considerations to everything that she does. Helen loves data and information gathering and will work with clients to get to the bottom of their individual situation and the options that would work for them. Helen brings to Helia Net Zero her twenty years' experience supporting individuals to achieve their best and imbuing them with a passion for the world and all things eco.


India Palmer

India is an ideas generator, a University of Cambridge educated engineer, able and passionate about solving problems that will have a positive impact on the world. In order to do this India enjoys learning and is currently studying for a Masters in Sustainable Engineering. India enjoys thinking over a problem, reviewing the possibilities, coming up with solutions and then determining the best outcome.
Empathy is one of India's superpowers and she uses this to understand the client's needs, offering solutions tailored to each client individually. No two people are the same so no recommendation from Helia Net Zero is ever the same either!